List of Authors

Following is the list of authors for chapters in this book, with their most recent known affiliation.

Name Affiliation
Name Affiliation
Abbie H. Brown East Carolina University
Abby Hawkins Academy Mortgage Corporation
Albert D. Ritzhaupt University of Florida
Amanda R. Casto University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ana Donaldson University of Northern Iowa
Andrew A. Tawfik University of Memphis
Andrew Gibbons Brigham Young University
Arlene Lacombe Saint Joseph's University
Barbara Lockee Virginia Tech
Barbara M. Hall Northcentral University
Beth Oyarzun University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Bohdana Allman Brigham Young University
Brent Hoard Randolph-Macon College
Charles M. Reigeluth Indiana University
Christopher D. Sessums xlm-design
David Mike Moore Virginia Tech
David Noah  
David Wiley Lumen Learning
David Williamson Shaffer University of Wisconsin-Madison
Drew Polly University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ellen Wagner Hobsons
Florence Martin University of North Carolina at Charlotte
George Siemens University of Texas at Arlington
Gregory S. Williams Intuit
James B. Ellsworth U.S. Naval War College
James Jacob University of Pittsburgh
James P. Gee University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jered Borup George Mason University
Jessica Norwood University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jill Stefaniak University of Georgia
Joanna C. Dunlap University of Colorado-Denver
John Burton Virginia Tech
John R. Savery University of Akron
Kari Ross Nelson Thanksgiving Point
Kathryn Dumper Bainbridge State College
Kay Persichitte University of Wyoming
Kelvin Seifert University of Manitoba
Kimberly Christensen ConsultNet
Kurt Squire University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lee Daniels Kingsport, Tennessee
Lloyd Rieber University of Georgia
Lola Smith  
Lorie Millward Thanksgiving Point
M. David Merrill Utah State University
Margeaux C. Johnson University of Florida
Marilyn Lovett Livingstone College
Marion Perlmutter University of Michigan
Martin Weller Open University of the United Kingdom
Matthew J. Koehler Michigan State University
Matthew Schmidt University of Cincinnati
Michael Molenda Indiana University
Patricia Stitson California International Business University
Patrick R. Lowenthal Boise State University
Paul Salvador Inventado Carnegie Mellon University
Peggy A. Ertmer Purdue University
Peter J. Rich Brigham Young University
Punya Mishra Arizona State University
Randall S. Davies Brigham Young University
Richard E. West Brigham Young University
Richard Halverson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Richard Osguthorpe Boise State University
Rose Spielman State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services
Rosemary Sutton Cascadia College
Royce Kimmons Brigham Young University
Russell T. Osguthorpe Brigham Young University
Ryan S. Baker University of Pennsylvania
Sang Joon Lee Mississippi State University
Seung Won Park Daejeon University
Sharon Smaldino Northern Illinois University
Stephen Ashton Thanksgiving Point
Sunnie Lee Watson Purdue University
Tadd Farmer Purdue University
Tanya Gheen Brigham Young University
Thomas Reeves University of Georgia
Tim Boileau University of West Florida
Timothy Newby Purdue University
Tonia A. Dousay University of Idaho
U.S. Office of Educational Technology U.S. Department of Education
Vanessa Svihla University of New Mexico
Victor Lee Utah State University
William Jenkins Mercer University
William Sugar East Carolina University
Yvonne Earnshaw Independent Consultant

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