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Online LearningMore  books

Hybrid-Flexible Course DesignK-12 Blended TeachingIDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook, 7th EditionK-12 Blended Teaching (Vol 2)

Learning DesignMore  books

Design for LearningFoundations of Learning and Instructional Design TechnologyLearner and User Experience ResearchThe Journal of Applied Instructional Design

Educational TechnologyMore  books

The K-12 Educational Technology HandbookTeaching with Digital Tools and AppsEdTech Landscapes 2020Web Design Basics for Educators

Academic WritingMore  books

Advanced WritingWriting in the Social SciencesAcademic B WritingRapid Academic Writing

Education ResearchMore  books

Assessing Wellbeing in SchoolsTextiles and TapestriesQualitative Inquiry in Daily LifeEducation Research

Teacher EducationMore  books

Building Democracy for AllDemocracy and EducationThe Ends and Means of EducationMaking Meaning in My Classroom

Language LearningMore  books

Tools for Guiding the Teaching of English Language LearnersPrinciples of Language AcquisitionFoundations of Education for Emergent BilingualsUnderstanding Language Acquisition
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EdTech Books is on a mission to provide the best open textbook publishing platform!

Best for Students

At EdTech Books, we believe that knowledge should be free, and that educational technology should lead the way! We provide high-quality textbooks to students at zero cost. Each year, we save students hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while providing robust learning experiences.

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Best for Teachers

Teachers can experience peace of mind knowing that students have access to high-quality textbooks from day one of class. In addition, most of our textbooks can be remixed, meaning that teachers can edit, rearrange, and add content to the textbooks to meet student needs.

Note that each textbook is released under its own license, and some textbooks include chapters or other content that may be released under different licenses.

Best for Authors

The EdTech Books platform allows authors to get their open educational resource (OER) textbooks published and to reach a larger audience. The platform is packed with features, including an intuitive interface with simple editing, PDF downloads of every book and chapter, detailed analytics, and much more! All for free!

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"The K-12 Educational Technology Handbook and the K-12 Blended Teaching Guide have been indispensable in my instructional technology courses. Each semester, my students thank me for these high quality resources that they don't have to pay for."
Ryan Cain, Weber State University
"It's been fabulous working with this platform - so much easier and more well-designed than the other OER platforms out there."
Dr. Torrey Trust, University of Massachusetts - Amherst