Reading Passages

This section of the book contains reading materials created for specific positive psychology topics at target levels using the ACTFL guidelines. These guidelines describe levels of performance that align to the purpose of each task created. Equavalent CEFR levels are given for each section.

The six template passages can be found in the intermediate mid chapter. If a level does not include any materials, that chapter has not received additional contributions yet. We thank you for your patience as we continue to add and develop more content. 

Refer to the next page for suggestions and examples of how to use the materials. 

How to Use the MaterialsNovice HighIntermediate LowIntermediate MidExperiencing Gratitude-TemplateResilience-TemplateAppreciation of Beauty and Excellence-TemplateTeamwork-TemplateMindful People-TemplateGrieving Mindfully-TemplateCuriosityIntermediate HighAdvanced Low

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