Positive Psychology in the Classroom

Lesson Plans for English Language Teachers
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Cover for Positive Psychology in the Classroom
Positive Psychology in the Classroom is a book of 33 lesson plans made for teaching positive psychology interventions using language learning outcomes. It is organized into three units: PERMA, Character Strengths, and Mindfulness. In each unit, there are lesson plans to guide teachers, but it is encouraged for teachers to adapt the lesson plans according to their context. Each lesson is adapted into two proficiency levels: novice high and intermediate mid. This book also demonstrate how positive psychology interventions can be successfully blended with language learning outcomes to improve students’ experience in the classroom. In our experience, students have had a positive reaction to the lesson plans as we have taught them in the institution in which they were piloted and continue to be used.
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Photo cover was created by Ben McMurry. Photo retrieved from: https://unsplash.com/photos/TzVN0xQhWaQ
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