Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence - Novice High

Lesson Information

Positive Psychology Learning Outcomes

Students will...

  1. recognize, describe and experience beauty in nature and the world. 
  2. identify and describe the beauty within themselves and others around them.. 
  3. practice mindfulness meditation.   

Language Learning Outcomes

Students will...

  1. learn to use sense verbs (see, hear, feel, smell) in simple sentences. 
  2. use formulaic language to describe nature and the strengths of others. 
  3. learn new vocabulary related to nature, skills, and traits. 

Materials Needed


Explain to students that today they will be learning about something very different from their normal class time. This class will focus on appreciating--being thankful for--beauty and excellence. 

Activate Background Knowledge

Have students find a picture of something they think is beautiful. 

Activity 1: Vocabulary

Introduce the four sense verbs that will be used for the next activity: see, hear, feel, and smell. Use Appreciation of Beauty - Foundations.

Activity 2: Vocabulary

Distribute FL Beauty - Handout #1 (1).docx to the students. 

Activity 3: Speaking

Each of the 11 links in the powerpoint Appreciation of Beauty - Foundations (slide 9) contains a video of a nature scene with natural sounds. You can open and spend as much time as needed on each scene. 

Activity 4: Listening 

Play Short 5 Minute Guided Meditation for Mindfulness - YouTube (also found in the PowerPoint). Students should try to pay attention to the instructions in the video. 

Activity 5: Speaking

Provide students with FL Beauty - Handout #2 (1).docx

Activity 6: Speaking

Discuss the many places where beauty can be found (Slide 15). 


Challenge students to find a new example of beauty in the natural world around them. Tell them to prepare to share what they find in the following class period. 



 Have students share an example of beauty that they found from their homework assignment.  


Watch a 1-min mindfulness meditation. How does meditation make them feel? What do they think of? 


Have students share with the class about an example of beauty that they saw in others.