1. Writes level-appropriate* drafted and timed text.
    1. Writes in all major time frames.
    2. Writes multiple paragraph length text.
    3. Writes introductory paragraphs for multi-paragraph compositions.
    4. Writes thesis sentences with a clear controlling idea.
    5. Writes effective topic sentences for paragraphs.
    6. Writes logically organized paragraphs.
    7. Writes effective concluding sentences in paragraphs.
    8. Writes using transitions within and between paragraphs.
    9. Ends multi-paragraph compositions with an appropriate conclusion.
  2. Responds in writing to spoken and written texts.
    1. Summarizes main ideas of texts.
    2. Summarizes major detail or key arguments in texts.
    3. Connects ideas and details among different texts.
  3. Effectively implements appropriate writing strategies.
    1. Uses pre-writing to structure texts.
    2. Reads and rereads their own texts to identify and correct errors. 
    3. Responds to teacher, tutor, and peer feedback.
  4. Incorporates a variety of high frequency general and academic vocabulary in writing.
    1. Spells high frequency general vocabulary correctly.

*Writing for this level can be described by the following level descriptors:

Function: Students are able to meet all practical writing needs. They are usually able to write in all major time frames. They use basic vocabulary and syntax that typically corresponds to spoken language. They produce texts about personal topics, everyday events and situations in concrete terms, such as work and/or school experiences. They sometimes produce texts about personal topics in abstract terms. They are able to write in informal situations and in some formal situations.

Text: Students usually write texts with multiple paragraphs. They use some basic cohesive devices in texts to connect ideas within and between paragraphs.

Comprehensibility: Students can usually be understood by those unaccustomed to non-native writing, though there will likely be gaps in comprehension due to significant errors.

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