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    Comparison Essay Example #1

    1. Exercise: Analyze an Essay

      1. Answers will vary, no example provided

    Comparison Essay Example #2

    1. Exercise: Analyze an Essay

      1. Answers will vary, no example provided


    1. Exercise: Brainstorm (Answers will vary, examples provided)

      1. expectation to have technology, phones used for almost everything, social media, learning online (during and after COVID-19)
      2. proficiency of teachers, opportunities to practice outside of class, topics
      3. learn specific moves to a specific order for a song vs freedom to react with your dance, dance with a partner vs alone, more traditional moves vs modern moves
    2. Exercise: Evaluate thesis statements

      1. No, announces topic
      2. Yes/no, it is too simple for a strong thesis statement
      3. Yes
      4. No, needs two sentences to introduce the idea
      5. No, not a statement
      6. Yes
      7. No, not a complete sentence
      8. No, announces
    3. Exercise: Make an outline for an existing essay (Example provided for Essay Example #2)

      1. Even though they share a name, the equipment, the scoring system, and the rules of American football and soccer are different.
        1. The equipment is the first major difference between American football and soccer.
          1. protective clothing
          2. ball
        2. Another big difference between soccer and American football is how points are scored.
          1. soccer points are simple
          2. football points are complex
        3. Finally, the rules of the two sports are very distinct.
          1. how to use a football
          2. positions in football
          3. how to use a soccerball
          4. positions in soccer
      2. It’s easy to see how American football and soccer are different from one another in three areas: the rules, scoring, and equipment.
    4.  Exercise: Finish an outline (Answers will vary, examples provided)

      1. Although there are some similarities between oil and watercolor paintings, they have unique styles, techniques, and tools. (thesis) The different styles, techniques, and tools are the main sources of differences between oil and watercolor paintings. (restated thesis)
      2. Laptops and tablets support different programs. (topic sentence 1) Another interesting difference between laptops and tablets is the hardware. (topic sentence 2) Last, but not least, the operating systems of laptops and tablets are distinct. (topic sentence 3)
    5. Exercise: Make an outline of your essay

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided.


    1. Exercise: Match supporting sentences to a topic sentence

      1. B, C, E 
      2. A, D
    2. Exercise: Write a developed body paragraph (Answers will vary, example provided)

      1. Learning grammar in your first language is very different from learning grammar in your second language. One of the main reasons is that there is a lot of technical vocabulary that is used to describe grammar. So not only do you have to learn the grammar, you have to learn the words to describe that grammar in your second language. Another difference is that when you learn grammar in your first language, the teacher can also provide examples and comparisons with your native language. When you learn grammar in your second language, you often have classmates with different first languages which means the only examples you see are in English. The technical vocabulary and different examples are some of the most noticeable differences between learning grammar in your first language and in your second language.
    3. Exercise: Analyze conclusion paragraphs

      1. B, does not introduce new information, summarizes the main points, is fully developed


    1. Exercise: Check your essay

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided
    2. Exercise: Revise for unity

      1. The most important base ingredients in American and Mexican food, wheat and corn respectively, are one of the big differences between these two types of food. Wheat is used in many popular American dishes. For example, there are many kinds of sandwiches and pastas made from wheat flour. Another clear example is the wheat bun for a hamburger. On the other hand, corn is the most important ingredient in Mexican food. Corn is used to make traditional food like sopes and tortillas. One of the best known Mexican foods, tamales, are also made from corn. American and Mexican food are different due to the principal ingredients used in each.

    Revise a Comparison Essay

    1. Exercise: Revise an essay

      1. Answers will vary, no examples provided

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