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Using Academic Vocabulary AK

  1. Exercise: Identify word forms

    1. development (n), develop (v), developmental (adj)
    2. support (n), supportive/supporting (adj), supportively (adv)
    3. sustain (v), sustainable (adj)
    4. explaination (n), explain (v)
    5. sequence (n), sequence (v), sequential (adj)
    6. partial (adj), partially (adv)
    7. collection (n), collect (v), collectively (adv)
    8. expectation (n), expected/expecting (adj), expectedly (adv)
  2. Exercise: Revise for word form errors

    1. completely = complete
    2. intelligence = intelligent
    3. apaprent = apparently
    4. famously = famous
    5. respectful = respect

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