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1 EXERCISE: Revise a body paragraph

Read the following student paragraph and make suggestions for ways to revise it.

       Introverts and extroverts have challenges to overcome. Introverts seem to be quiet but their minds are loud as well as active. "The tendency to keep thoughts inside is unique to introverted individuals as they process their challenges and consider possible solutions without seeking outside help or opinions" (Makin, 2018, para. 2). On the contrary, extroverts are outside thinkers; they handle problems by verbally communicating with others as they talk about solutions. Introverts hate change, as they cannot easily adapt themselves to new situations. However, extroverts accept the change easily. Introverts and extroverts are able to solve their problems in different ways. "When faced with challenges, extroverts tend to seek social connections and network their way to a solution" (Makin, 2018, para. 3). The function that speaking plays is very different while introverts and extroverts solve their problems.

2 EXERCISE: Check your essay

Remember to complete a self-check (see pg. 22) for your essay before you ask someone for feedback. Good luck with your revisions!