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The Writing Process AK


  1. Exercise: Complete outlines (Answers will vary, examples provided)

    1. Public art can create a sense of community by adding a sense of pride in the city. (topic sentence 1) Visitors are also drawn to the well-known public art in a city because it can become a memorable landmark. (topic sentence 2)
    2. Although many people focus on natural talent, skill is far more important because it can both refine natural talent and create new abilities. (thesis) Skill means developing a deeper knowledge through practice, which can turn ordinary talent into something truly remarkable. (topic sentence 1) Additionally, it is possible to acquire a new ability by approaching it from a mentality of skill. (topic sentence 2). Developing a natural talent and improving on an ability that does not come naturally are both benefits of recognzing that skill is more important than pure talent.
  2. Exercise: Write questions (Answers will vary, examples provided)

    1. Why does architecture influence society? What is unique about Roman architecture? What is special about the Greek architecture? What are specific examples of each? Do they continue to influence the world now? How did this skill develop? 
    2. What health effects? How severe are the effects? How does air pollution cause these problems? What regulations should governments make? How will this impact health? What evidence is there that these regulations woul make this impact?
    3. What is the Great Depression? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why did it lead to innovation? What innovations came from the Great Depression? Who invented them? How did difficulty lead to invention? 

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