Student Wellbeing Interventions

In this section you will find a variety of interventions that have been shown to support student wellbeing. These activities have been organized in such a way as to be assigned to which PERMAH characteristic they have been shown to be most correlated with. It is important to note that “these elements [of PERMAH] are mutually supportive and interconnected” (Kern, 2022, p. 19) It is likely that while striving to increase positive relationships, your positive emotions and meaning will increase. Many of these activities will in fact improve multiple areas of the PERMAH framework. Though we have included a separate section with interventions for teacher and staff wellbeing later on in this book, you may find that some of these activities listed in the student section may also help support your own wellbeing. 


Kern, M. L. (2022). PERMAH: A useful model for focusing on wellbeing in schools. In K. A. Allen, M. Furlong, S. Suldo & D. Vella-Brodrick. (Eds.), The handbook of positive psychology in schools 3rd edition. Taylor and Francis.


CC BY-NC: This work is released under a CC BY-NC license, which means that you are free to do with it as you please as long as you (1) properly attribute it and (2) do not use it for commercial gain.

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