Advanced Writing


Editor and Project Manager

Cristie Cowles Charles


Cristie Cowles Charles, Nicole Clawson, Brooke Downs, Laura Dutson, Brian Jackson, Jill Larsen, Jon Ostenson, Julie Haupt, Brittany Passmore, and Elise Silva


Nicole Clawson, Brooke Downs, Laura Dutson, Jill Larsen,  Josh Price, Candice Stratford, Brian Jackson, Jon Ostenson, Cristie Cowles Charles, Delys Snyder, Michael Whitchurch, Phillip Snyder, Emily Darowski, Elise Silva, Julie Haupt, and Joyce Adams. We'd also like to thank Emily Baker and Suzy Bills from BYU Faculty Publishing Services for their generous feedback.

Graphic Designer

Brian Collier

Technical Support

Thanks also to Royce Kimmons, Assistant Professor in BYU's Instructional Psychology and Technology department and creator of the website and Patrick Ciaschi, our Instructional Designer at Top


Kurt Sandholtz, Lisa Thomas, and Ben Hill


Thank you to the Friends of the Harold B. Lee Library and the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University for the generous grant funding they provided and for their mission to support the creation of Open Educational Resources for BYU students. We are grateful for the support and guidance we received from BYU's Digital Learning Services Librarian Michael Whitchurch throughout this project.

We'd similarly like to thank BYU's General Education program and the English Department for their generous Matching Grants that also funded the development of this book and its sister book Writing in the Social Sciences.


We welcome any feedback you have for this book. Please email if you have a question, notice typos, come across problems, have suggestions, or simply want to make our day with a compliment.


This book is dedicated to the unsung heroes who teach university writing courses--most of whom are adjunct faculty with full family lives and outside responsibilities--who often juggle heavy grading loads, shared offices, and uncertain professional futures in order to do what we love: teach. This textbook comes from that same labor of love. It's also dedicated to our vibrant students who make our efforts worth it. Thanks also to our departments who support us and our colleagues who encourage us. Most especially, this book is dedicated to our families who sacrificed significantly for us to add this worthy workload to our plates and to God who directed our paths.

--Cristie Cowles Charles, Editor

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