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Ackerman, G.1Adell, J.1Albano, T.1Andersen, T.2Archambault, L.1Bates, M.1Beatty, B. J.1Bennett, G.1Biswas-Diener, R.1Black, S.1Blom, B. C.1Bonk, C. J.2Boren, D. M.1Borup, J.2Brown, H.1CastaƱeda, L.1Charles, C. C.1Crosslin, M.1Currie, S.1Dewey, J.1Downes, S.9Earnshaw, Y.1Fandrey, A.1Ferdig, R. E.1Graham, C. R.2Grolemund, G.1Iiyoshi, T.1Jackson, S.1Jahnke, Isa1Jhangiani, R.1Johnstun, K.1Kennedy, K.1Khoo, E.2Kilgore, W.1Kimmons, R.8Kumar, M. S. V.1Lessig, L.1Loman, S.1Magnus, P. D.1Mays, E.1Michelle Jensen1Munger, K. A.1Ottenbreit-Leftwich, A.1Pinnegar, S. E.1Rhoads, M.1Riessner, S.1Schmidt, M.1Sennot, S.1Short, C. R.1Stachowiak, B.1Tawfik, A. A.1Trust, T.1Veletsianos, G.4West, R. E.3Wicham, H.1Wiley, D. 2Williams, D. D.1Zhang, J.1

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