Books by Randall S. Davies

Evaluation and Design

Design and evaluation are inter-connected fields. We design evaluations and we evaluate our designs. This book is intended to help instructional designers become better evaluators and thus better designers.

Designing Surveys for Evaluations and Research

The concept of conducting survey research is deceptively simple. However, it is easy to create a flawed survey. Without careful attention to overall survey design and the creation of the survey items, the study will likely produce invalid results. Conducting high-quality survey research will depend on asking the right questions, in the right way, to the right people. This text is designed to guide novice researchers through the process of creating surveys for the purpose of conducting research.

Chapters by Randall S. Davies

Using Educational Data Mining to Identify and Analyze Student Learning Strategies in an Online Flipped ClassroomEvaluation in the Development PhaseEvaluation for Instructional DesignersEvaluation BasicsTechnology Integration in SchoolsThe Moral Dimensions of Instructional Design