HW 2.3: Danger of a Single Story



Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Teachers provide support and advocacy for ELLs and their families and prevent their own assumptions from surfacing in their work.

Assessment: 25 pts.

Due: Session 3

Teachers apply their knowledge of assumptions and stereotypes to their practice and instruction as they teach ELs in their classrooms.

Students have learned about the belief statements and Inclusive Pedagogy.  They will now watch ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ as a way to think about assumptions people make.


  1. Go to this TED talk by Chimimanda Ngori Adichie. (Optionally, here is an additional link to a history site that reviews the talk.)
  2. Before you begin viewing the talk, look at the provided viewing guide to know the questions you need to answer.
  3. Watch the video and fill in the viewing guide to the questions as you go.
  4. Bring the completed viewing guide to class in session 3.

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