HW 2.4: Cultural Patterns of an EL

Interviewing an EL student about Culture


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate how culture affects language development and academic achievement.   

Understand and apply knowledge of how cultural identities impact language learning and school success by creating an environment that is inclusive of all students.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 5

Teachers can use their learning about a student to be prepared to gather information about other students’ culture and learning to create classrooms that embrace cultures in their class and assist families to support their children’s education.

Students have learned terminology around culture and explored their own culture as well as asking questions about the culture of their students in general. In this activity students will develop questions and interview an English Learner in his/her classroom.


  1. Select an EL student from your class or your school. Hopefully someone you have a prior connection to or who a colleague can introduce you to.

  2. Generate a list of three or four questions to ask this learner based on what you have learned about culture in general during class and the Inclusive Pedagogy Framework Questions which are found on the back of the Inclusive Pedagogy Framework mini-posters or in the TELL TOOLs book. (You should have the mini posters

  3. Conduct a short conversation with your selected EL where you ask the questions and record his/her answers. Ask follow up questions as necessary.

  4. Bring your questions and answers to Session 3.

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