HW 5.3 Exploring Practice Through Technology


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand and apply knowledge of how cultural identities impact language learning and school success by creating an environment that is inclusive of all students.  

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 6

Teachers can identify different ESL program models and determine which best meets the needs of their students and their school.

Students have studied and described a second language learner in their community and identified the learner’s needs. Students are prepared to observe interactions in a classroom, reflect on and analyze those interactions, and address the implications of those interactions on teaching practice.


  1. Go to tellcases.byu.edu . The username is “tellcases.” The password is “video.”
  2. Click on the Bilingual Programs and Practices.
  3. You will use two additional documents to inform your viewing of the case. The first is the chart you filled in during class labeled “Analysis of Program Models” and the chart included here labeled “Language Acquisition: A Theory of Instruction”. Notice the labels Teacher Work and Student Work. You will use the bullet points on the chart to help you. Click and download Language Acquisiton: A Theory of Instruction.
  4. Use your Programs and Practices case report form to record your thinking, knowing, and wondering based on the information about the program models. (The perspectives could also be helpful.)
  5. Return to 6-11 through 6-12 and fill out the last column of the organizer.