LA 2.5: Articulating Classroom Issues of Cultural Misinterpretation


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Interpret the historical context of diversity and discrimination and evaluate how it impacts current practices.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 60 Minutes

Teachers can use new vocabulary in meaningful and relevant ways to have a group discussion about issues of cultural misinterpretation in their classrooms.

Students have read the articles on culture, and used the vocabulary to discuss different issues of culture in their classrooms. They have also watched a video on cultural misinterpretations.  They are now prepared to participate in a group discussion on cultural misinterpretations using new vocabulary.


  1. Form table groups of 4-5 participants.
  2. Watch video segment 2.1, taking notes on the viewing guide.
  3. Tables will now be given 5-7 minutes to discuss what they learned about cultural misinterpretations from the video segment (VS 2.1) using the vocabulary terms from the interactive glossary (HW 1.3).
  4. A designated person at each table will keep a record of the vocabulary terms used on the score card each word can be scored a maximum of three times.  Words must be used correctly in a sentence.   
  5. The facilitator will lead a whole class discussion asking for thoughts/ideas from the tables.