LA 2.6: Resolving Questions about the Major Project and Homework Assigments

Answering Questions


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Know, understand, and use the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to the nature and role of culture and cultural groups. 

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 10 Minutes

Teachers can will be prepared to share their learning and how they are attending to the cultural background of ELs as they teach them 

Students have read the articles on culture. They have considered the impact of culture on student learning and the development of a second langauge. They are prepared to consider how they will share their learning.


  1. For HW 1.5, you reviewed the major course assignment and how you are reflecting on your learning each week.
  2. The facilitator will consider and respond to questions have about these assignments.
  3. After this, the facilitator will review your homework assignments for this session. 

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