LA 3.2: Language as a Problem, Right, and Resource

Guided Discussion


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate how culture affects language development and academic achievement.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 25 Minutes

Teachers can consider how thinking of language as a resource can  help them consider how second language learners can be a resource in their teaching.

Student have watched a video segment about water and language as a problem, right and resource. They are now asked to discuss with colleagues their beliefs about the difficulties and benefits of language diversity.


  1. In small groups, discuss ways in which linguistic diversity can be viewed as a problem, a right, and a resource.
  2. As the discussion proceeds, capture the ideas that emerge in the categories on the Language as a... worksheet provided for language as a problem, right and resource.
  3. Be prepared to share your ideas with the entire class.
  4. Add new ideas from your classmates to your worksheet during the class discussion.

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