LA 5.1: Enrollment, Placement, Staffing Myths

Learning through Graphical Represenations


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Identify the multiple factors impacting the school experience of language minority students, including cognitive/academic, social/ affective, and linguistic development issues

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 15 Minutes

Teachers can recognize the myths surrounding the education of English Learners and counteract the myths with positive behaviors and attitudes. 

Students have explored the Inclusive Pedagogy characteristic of guiding principles and read chapters about the myths of enrollment, placement, and staffing of ELs They are now prepared to deepen their understanding through sharing with their table. 



  1. You will form a group so that at least five of the seven myths are represented in your group that you read about in Myths and Realities in HW 4.2. 
  2. Share and explain your graphic representation of the myth you read about with the others in your group.
  3. Be prepared to share one of the graphics and an explanation of it with the rest of the class. 

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