LA 6.3: Standards for Effective Pedagogy

Connecting the Five Standards to the Critical Learning Domains


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

 Demonstrate how culture affects language development and academic achievement.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

When teachers understand and apply the Standards for Effective Pedagogy, they are meeting the needs of second language learners so learning is accessible to them.

Students have participated in a number of learning activities regarding English learners. They are now positioned to revisit some of those principles to learn and apply the new information about Standards for Effective Pedagogy.


  1. The facilitator will put you in 5 small groups representing each of the 5 Standards for Effective Pedagogy.
  2. In your small group, turn to the edtech TELL TOOLs book. Then open the materials on The Standards for Effective Pedagogy. Each group will consider (for the Standard for Effective Pedagogy assigned): How Does this Standard for Effective Pedagogy address the Critical Learning Domains?
  3. In the article, read about the standard and review indicators for the one that your group is assigned.
  4. Consider the ways in which the standard can be leveraged to attend to the cognitive, linguistic, and social/affective learning domains of students. (Click and download the How Do the Standards for Effective Pedagogy worksheet).
  5. Create a 5-minute presentation to teach the class and help them fill in their worksheet.  You will have 20 minutes to read and create the presentation.  The rest of the time will be devoted to the 5-minute presentation from each group.

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