LA 7.1: Re-Examining My Learning about Inclusive Pedagogy, WIDA, SEP, & My Beliefs

Engaging in Activity Centers (MSDLAs) that Promote ELs Learning


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Create a learning environment that is sensitive to and is supportive of English language learner’s cultural identities, language and literacy development, and content area knowledge.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 90 Minutes

Teachers can recognize the role of MSDLAs in supporting learners cultures and language and literacy development as they use MSDLAs within their classrooms.

Students have been introduced to the WIDA standards and the Inclusive Pedagogy framework.  They now participate in MSDLAs to learn from each other and solidify their understanding.  This activity will help them as they develop their Inclusive Pedagogy portfolios.


This activity is a Multiple Simultaneous Diverse Learning Activity.  Pay attention as you participate to see how student groups work together to gain understanding of the objectives at each center.  This kind of activity is very appropriate for teachers to use in their classrooms as they work with diverse populations.

  1. The class is divided into 5 groups.  As you will be moving from center to center during the 90 minutes provided following the rotation chart.

    1. Teacher Center: Instructional Conversation reviewing the Standards for Effective Pedagogy.  Why are LLD and CA meta-goals, while JPA, CXT, and IC are meta-strategies?

    2. Review the WIDA standards and explain the WIDA standard strand you created in HW 5.2.

    3. Review the Inclusive Pedagogy Standards of Collaboration and Guiding Principles. Use these worksheets to record your thinking: Collaboration and Guiding Principles

    4. Review the Inclusive Pedagogy Standards of Essential Policy and Critical Learning Domains. Use these worksheets: Essential Policy and Critical Learning Domains.

    5. Discuss your responses to the survey from HW 6.2 and the change in your learning across the semester.

  2. There will be a debrief regarding MSDLAs and how they work.  Be prepared to share your understanding of how to use them in instruction and how they can assist language learners to access learning. 

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