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Conceptual Outline Meaning Making
Text in this column of the Active Viewing Guide is tailored to conceptually represent the content of each video segment. The text may highlight, summarize, or quote materials that can be reviewed at a later time to recapture the video segment's content. In this column of the Active Viewing Guide you are invited to extend your own thinking about the content of the video by responding to questions. These questions invite you to connect content to your own real-world experiences as an individual and as a teacher. The white space invites you to make meaning and to own the content through reflection and personal responses.
Sample Text Sample Questions
Critical Reflection includes critique of personal perspectives, the culture of schools, the culture of teachers and classrooms, as well as the culture of students. Unwritten rules and expectations?

Steve Berrey (Elementary School Teacher)

"One of the challenges that a lot of ESL students have is not only gaining an educational background, but learning how the system works, learning expectations, and what they need to be successful."

The school game?