Mix Up Introductions


Mixing Up your Introductions of different ways to conduct learner introductions in an online course, such as anonymous polling of the class and reporting the results, posting an intro video, creating an infographic to introduce yourself, or just asking simple questions about the learners.


Mixing Up Your Introductions adds variety to course introductions, which can help learners in unexpected ways by helping them feel more connected to their online classroom community.

When this works well

Introductions at the beginning of the course are important to building community in an online environment. This is especially important if learners will be working in groups on course assignments.


QM: 1.9, 5.2, 6.2

UDL: 7.3, 8.3, 5.2

Instructions for Learners and Faculty

For this one, we have listed a number of different prompts you could use to begin to create a social presence in your class.

Initial Post Ideas

Reply Ideas

Grading Criteria

If introductions are graded they should be part of participation.


Discussion Thread

 SUBJECT: Hello from Dani!

Hello, I am Dani and I have been working as a Nurse for about 10 years. I was a traveling nurse for about 8 years and got to see many places around the U.S. I am excited to transition to becoming a Nurse Educator to share what I have learned with others.

This past summer, my family went to the Opal Mines in Spencer, ID. We had a great time learning about Opals and exploring the rock pile. My cousin Sterling ended up with the best one.

 RE: Hello from Dani!

Hi Dani,

My friend convinced me to go to Spencer this summer too! I was not real excited about it, especially when I realized that the only thing in Spencer was the opal mines. But it turned out to be a great day and they have the best cheeseburger at that little cafe with the rock pile.

I’m impressed that you were a traveling nurse for so many years.

 RE: Hello from Dani!

I can’t believe you both were at Spencer this past summer. So was I! My daughter loves rocks and has been begging us to go to the Opal mines. We were there in early June and then decided to go back last week as a final family trip before school. It was a great day trip and my daughter loves the rough opal she found in the rock pile.

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