Introduction to Civic Preparation and Engagement

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We believe that public education is the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous democratic community

Citizens are not born with the necessary knowledge, skills, or dispositions to make a democratic society possible. Democracy essentially means government by the people. A thoughtful and prepared public is critical to maintaining and sustaining this form of government.

The American form of democracy is a representational democracy, or republic. Those who have governmental authority get and retain this authority through elections in which all citizens are allowed to participate. A certain type of education is needed to adequately prepare all citizens to participate in the process of self-governance.

Democracy can be seen as a way of life, a form of government, a type of nation, an indicator of how we as citizens choose to live and interact with one another.

Education is a public imperative, a moral endeavor, and a shared responsibility for all members of society

Public schools are places ideally suited to help young people learn of civic duties and responsibilities. They are by and large the only public institution in our nation that directly effect most of the youth. Public schools, as well as private and home schools, play a role in preparing children and youth to be part of our nation. The virtues and commitments of citizens must be informed and strengthened through education.

A free society requires a prepared citizenry for its very survival. As a nation we must decide what kind of society we want to live in and the kind of people needed for such a society. Ultimately what we decide about the education of our youth will impact the kind of communities we need for individuals and families to flourish.

The Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership prepares educators who model and teach the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for civic virtue and engagement in our society

The Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership is committed to educating every individual. The Partnership recognizes and accepts the responsibility of preparing youth for participation in a democratic society. This is accomplished through explicit teaching, by personal examples of caring professionals, and by the examples of teachers and students appropriately conducting themselves and relating to one another. In order to maintain and strengthen our society we must have classrooms, schools and universities in which democratic behaviors are practiced.

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