Introduction to Nurturing Pedagogy

Teacher reading to a child
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The Partnership develops educators who are competent and caring, who promote engaged learning through appropriate instructional strategies and positive classroom  environments and relationships

Engaged learning results when educators use developmentally appropriate, motivational, and intellectually meaningful approaches to teach substantive and essential content. Educators who are nurturing, caring, and competent support engaged learners by developing positive learning environment and appropriate relationships. Engaged learning promotes in students a deep understanding of content and the ability to use that understanding fluently.

Competent and caring educators ensure that every student learns because they understand who they teach, what they teach, and how they teach, and they are able to act in ways that are effective for each student.

Engaged Learning is the knowledge of learners, subject matter, goals, and teaching

WHO THEY TEACH. Educators posses knowledge of how young people learn and develop within social contexts. They respect each student and recognize his or her potential

WHAT THEY TEACH. Educators understand the content and skills that need to be taught to meet the purposes of education and the academic skills and understanding needed to support and teach to the standards of their subjects.

HOW TO TEACH. Educators are able to make appropriate decisions on how to teach their students in light of the content and the developmental readiness and capabilities of their students, taking into account the diversity of learners, being informed by assessment and supported by positive classroom environments and relationships.

The Partnership prepares educators to understand and perform their roles and responsibilities in preparing all students for participation in our democratic society.

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