Introduction to Equitable Access

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The Partnership develops educators who are committed to and actively provide equitable access to academic knowledge and achievement through rigor that leads to mastery of curriculum content and instructional skills

 Given how important education is to the development of every citizen, the issue of access to knowledge and achievement is critical. Skills and knowledge gained through education are prerequisite for productive engagement in our economy and participation in our society. Unfortunately, access to educational resources has been and continues to be uneven in our nation.

There has been much discussion of the "achievement gap" among youth throughout our society. Important in this discussion is the "opportunity gap" that may also exist. Not  all students experience high quality education experiences or possess the same level of access to important educational resources.

Essential resources for success include caring and competent teachers, quality curriculum, adequate educational materials, and support systems both at school and at home. These resources alone are not sufficient to produce success. Students having the advantages of these resources must also be dedicated to success and know how to achieve it. Achievement can be found at the intersection  of student desire, choice, and determination with engaging learning environments that offer high quality teachers and curriculum.

Mastery refers to the level of performance obtained by the learner. Rigor is generally needed to invite the higher levels of performance that lead to lasting success. Student performance affects and is affected by the expectations both of the learner and of others involved.

Expectations to succeed and actual attainment of success become powerful motivators for students to continue to rise to higher levels of performance. Both low expectations and limited access to necessary resources can negatively affect learner performance. The Partnership is dedicated to ensuring that every student learns, and that means every student has equitable access to knowledge and achievement.


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