Introduction to Stewardship

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The Partnership assists educators in becoming responsible stewards in their schools and communities by dedicating themselves to shared purpose, renewal, and high standards of educator competence and learner performance

Schools are essential to the development, well-being, and success of our youth. Public schools make important contributions to the development of informed and productive citizens who can actively participate in the larger society. Strong and vibrant nations have  strong healthy schools.

We all have a stake in what happens in our public schools. Stewardship means holding a commitment to the entire learning community.

For public schools to work well, all citizens must be involved. The education of youth is difficult and challenging work for any nation. Public discussion and conversation are needed to engage citizens in shaping the purposes and experiences for preparing our youth. Citizens have a responsibility and stewardship for pubic education.

Professional educators who work in the K-12 schools and at the university have a particular stewardship to create communities of learners. They are "stewards" because they have assumed responsibility for educating our youth and have been entrusted with the resources, authority, and public sanction to do so. In every school, teachers and administrators work to provide high quality teaching, curriculum, and assessment that will benefit each student.

Educators are responsible for being prepared and willing to perform these important roles and functions.

Personal growth is a major component of stewardship. As stewards take seriously the responsibility to be effective educators, they develop the skills and dispositions to create and function effectively in environments where all students can learn. Committed educators are always adding to their skills and knowledge because of the responsibility they feel for helping young people learn and develop.

The Partnership is able to help its members become responsible stewards because of both its dedication to collaboration and conversation and its emphasis on continuous learning. All members of the Partnership take initiative for needed change and actively engage with other partners in making and implementing decisions. The sense of fulfillment comes from seeing that every child learns.

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