Homework 1.2: Observing Standards for Effective Pedagogy Teaching (Contextualization)

Virtual Observation of a Teacher through a VideoEthnography Study
Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate Knowledge of and Use the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources

Assessment: 50 pts.

Through watching media cases that focus on a particulat Standard for Effective Pedagogy, participants will be ready to enact best practices as they begin teaching.

Students have learned about cultural differences, laws and policy, and literacy development. They are now ready to observe teachers in practice and identify how they respond to ELs.


1. During the course you are going observe and create notes on a media case of one of four teachers. First, you will need to choose the teacher you will watch throughout the semester and then purchase ONLY that VideoEthnography at cwo.byu.edu/TELL/materials.  Here are the teachers: 

2. For this week you will observe the Contextualization (CTX) study. We have linked two documents for each media case. The first link is to eh outline of the case and the other is a worksheet to record your observation notes.

3. Begin watching by clicking on the Contextualization study on the second prompt. Record your observations on the worksheet.

4. Then listen to each of the perspectives that are listed at the top of the screen. Make comments about what you learned from the perspectives in third column on the worksheet.

5. At the bottom, after watching all the clips and reading all the perspectives list three Aha's (insights) you reached from engaging with the media case. 

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