Homework 1.3: Understanding Activity Centers

Reading about Multiple Simultaneous Learning Activities (MSDLAs)
Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge and use of the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards  in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources

Assessment: 50 pts.

Teachers gain knowledge of designing MSDLAs through reading about their characteristics and how to implement them in their teaching. 

Students have been introduced to best practices for teaching ELs and are now ready to learn how they can design curriculum that will build language and literacy through content instruction.


1. We will begin by reading a booklet labeled Designing Activity Centers. This booklet defines and describes MSDLAs (or activity centers). The booklet is divided into four sections. 

Section one defines and describes MSDLAs based on the Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy and distinguishes them from more typical activity centers.

Section two describes how to implement activity centers and indicates the five phases a teacher can employ to educate their students in how to participate in activity centers. You only need to skim read the five phases since you will not be phasing your students into engaging in MSDLAs until you are in your own classroom (but you may want to return to this when you decide to use them as a classroom teacher).The last element of this section beginning with page 39 provides information about "designing instruction units using activity centers". You will want to read this section carefully. 

Section 3 contains sample materials which you may want to review for ideas: task cards, assessments, classroom management,

Section 4 provides resources for creating activity centers. The topics include Bloom's Taxonomy, Activity Center Assessment, Instructional Conversation Guide and Do's and Don'ts for Activity Centers.

2. As you read the booklet fill out the accompanying reading guide. The reading guide identifies the sections or topics  you need to read for the assignment. If the title of a section or topic is listed on the reading guide, then read or skim that section and take notes on what you find important.

3. You may want to write some of the things you come to understand into the Works In Progress (WIP) document you are taking notes in for you MSDLA assignment.

4. Links for reading and homework: Designing Activity Centers  and Reading Guide for Designing Activity Center

5. Answer the questions on the reading guide. Then submit a sentence on learning suite that says you have completed the guide. You will need the guide as you work on your MSDLA. 

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