Homework 9.2: Reflecting on My Learning

Sharing My Learning

Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate Knowledge of and Use the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources

Assessment: 50 pts.

Articulating their knowledge prepares students to be able to MSDLAs as they implement the principles that guide best practices in regular, day-to-day teaching with ELs. 

Students have been introduced to TELL Tools in prerequisite courses. They will now review their knowledge of three tools used in the current course by participating in MSDLAs, which they will create as the major project of the course. 


1. For this homework assignment, you will complete an individual final reflection on your learning from this semester. The assignment is linked here.

2. To support you in completing the assignment, the rubric for evaluating it is at this link and the graphic and explanation of the reflection model is found here

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