Session 1: Positioning Myself to Integrate Content and Promote Academic Language

Integrating TELL Tools For Teaching ELs
Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate Knowledge and use of the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources.

Assessment: 100 pts.

TA: Full Session 

Articulating their knowledge supports students in developing understandings they will need in successfully creating MSDLAs and implement the principles that guide best practices in regular, day-to-day teaching with ELs. 

Students have been introduced to TELL Tools in prerequisite courses. They will now review their knowledge of three tools used in the current course by participating in MSDLAs focused on developing and deepening their knowledge of these tools.  


For this class there are several major assignments.

Each class member now needs to post one idea about second language acquisition, supporting ELs in being literate, or attending to culturally and linguistically diverse students. (The teacher will scan the chat and share two or three ideas).

For this class session, you will work with your groups in breakout rooms to complete each of the 5 centers. First, each individual person needs to download the Tell Tools Worksheet using this link.  (TELL TOOLs Discovery Sheets.docx  linked here.)  

Along with your individual worksheet, some of the centers will have additional group worksheets, discussions, and tasks that you will complete as directed, as a whole group. REMEMBER, your group only has to fill out and submit ONE copy of the group worksheet with everyones' names on it.

In your group, start with center 1 and work your way through to center 5. The directions will walk you completely through what you need to do and what you need to turn in. If you have any questions, the instructor will be hopping around the breakout rooms.

Center 1-

Directions: TELL TOOLS- CENTER 1.docx  Download 

Center 2-

Directions: TELL TOOLS- CENTER 2.docx  Download 

Additional Materials: Literacy Market Place .pdf  Download 

Center 3- 

Directions: TELL TOOLS- CENTER 3.docx  Download

Additional Materials:

 Makoto Critical Incident (1).pdf  Download 

Makoto Writing Sample (1).docx  Download 
WIDAFeatures_ofAcademic_Language-1 copy (1).pdf  Download 
WIDA_Performance Definitions_SpeakingWriting copy (1).pdf  Download 

Center 4-

Directions: TELL TOOLS CENTER 4.docx  Download 

Additional Materials: RSQC2 (1).docx  Download   Minute Paper (1).docx  Download 

Center 5-

Directions: TELL TOOLS CENTER 5.docx Download


Once you are finished with center 5, make sure your group has submitted the report form for each center. You will keep the Individual TELL Discovery Sheets to use when you build your final MSDLA. 

Each group should bring something they learned or a question they still have to the session debrief. 

The Contextualization group will meet with the instructor after class today for about 10 minutes 

Homework 1.1: Beginning with SIOP--Sheltered Instruction & Lesson Preparation Homework 1.2: Observing Standards for Effective Pedagogy Teaching (Contextualization)Homework 1.3: Understanding Activity Centers Homework 1.4 Review Developmental Benchmarks Homework 1.5: Guidelines for Presentation on Standards for Effective Pedagogy Homework 1.6 MSDLA Documents

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