D&D Webinars 2022

LXD Webinar Series - Agile Project Management for Instructional DesignersLXD Webinar Series - Learning Environment Visual MappingLXD Webinar Series - Think-Aloud Methods: Just-in-Time & Systematic Methods to Improve Course DesignLXD Webinar Series - LXD Challenges for Novice DesignersLXD Webinar Series - Two Certificates in LXD at the University of MichiganLXD Webinar Series - European Perspectives on Learning Experience DesignLXD Webinar Series - Learner Experience Design in Professional EnvironmentsLXD Webinar Series - Theories of Change in Learning Experience DesignLXD Webinar Series - Start by Starting: Design Accessible Experiences Today LXD Webinar Series - Marrying Think-aloud Methods with Heuristic Evaluations to Improve Course Design 

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