Learning Pathway: Influential Women

Building Democracy For All is designed so that teachers and students can follow different learning pathways as they explore the material in the book. Rather than proceeding sequentially through the standards, the learning pathways invite a thematic approach. Other learning pathways include: Black Lives Matter, Student Rights, Election 2020, and Current Events.

Topic 1: The Philosophical Foundations of the United States Political System

Topic 2: The Development of United States Government

Stamp of 1970 Woman Suffrage.png
"Stamp-US-1970-Woman-Suffrage" by Ward Brackett
Public Domain

Topic 3: Institutions of United States Government

Topic 4: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Topic 5: The Constitution, Amendments, and Supreme Court Decisions

Shirley Chisholm
"Bring U.S. Together. Vote Chisholm 1972"
Public Domain

Topic 6: The Structure of Massachusetts State and Local Government

Topic 7: Freedom of the Press and News/Media Literacy

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