5.2. Amendments to the Constitution

… the Constitution, including key Amendments. (Massachusetts Curriculum Framework…… so they established a rigorous Amendment process. While the Constitution has been…Since 1787, 11,770 Amendments have been proposed but just 27 have been passed—the…Here is an overview of Amendments 11-27. The most well-known and impactful Amendments…A summary of all Amendments to the Constitution is available from the National Constitution…What Amendment is most well-known and considered most important? A majority of Americans…… United States passed the 18th Amendment, prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and…Prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933. For a brief overview of…… Alice Paul wrote the Equal Rights Amendment (or ERA) in 1923. Originally called…… Lady Betty Ford was one of the Amendment’s leading supporters.… ERA in the 1970s, claiming the Amendment would lead to tax dollars being spent…… the 37th state to ratify the Amendment; Nevada having done so in 2017 (NPR, 2017).…… long passed, although the 27th Amendment was first proposed in 1789 and was not…The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) continues to be a sharply contested constitutional…More than 40 constitutional Amendments are introduced in Congress every year. They…Amendments to balance the federal budget, implement campaign finance reform, punish…… California and Vermont approving Amendments to those state constitutions to affirm…What new Amendments should be added to the U.S. constitution or to your state's…… Constitution in a New Constitutional Amendments interactive from the New York Times…The Amendment process has produced highly consequential changes to the United States…Standard 5.2: Amendments to the Constitution… has Been the Impact of Those Amendments?… Prohibition and the 18th and 21st Amendments… the History of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)3. ENGAGE: What New Amendments to the Constitution Are Needed Today?… Connections: The Equal Rights Amendment on Twitter and other Social Media… Resources for the Equal Rights AmendmentOnline Resources for Amendments to the Constitution

4.1. Becoming a Citizen

2.5. Articles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

1.4. British Influences on American Government

5.4. Civil Rights and Equal Protection for Race, Gender, and Disability

6.10. Components of Local Government

5.3. Constitutional Issues Related to the Civil War, Federal Power, and Individual Civil Rights

6.2. United States and Massachusetts Constitutions

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2.3. The Constitutional Convention