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2.3. The Constitutional Convention

4.11. Political Courage and Those Who Affirmed or Denied Democratic Ideals

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4.6. Election Information

3.4. Elections and Nominations

… that question in terms of the Electoral College, disputed elections in U.S. history, the…… represent a candidate in the Electoral College. Each state's popular vote winner receives…The Electoral College is not an institution of higher education with a physical campus.…The Electoral College gives a greater electoral impact to states with a smaller numbers…The Electoral College has a fascinating history. It was created at the Constitutional Convention…… abolish or substantially reform the Electoral College as an outdated institution that does…… columnist David Leonhardt ("The Electoral College and Democracy," 2020, December 14) have…1) The Electoral College system can deny victory to the candidate who wins the popular vote…… survived? In Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? historian Alexander Keyssar (2020)…Having the Electoral College as part of the United States system of government has brought…… political system in which the Electoral College determines presidential winners. … Additionally, Biden won the crucial Electoral College vote 306 to 232.… view of the usefulness of the Electoral College for our country’s 21st century democracy?…In the Electoral College system, the candidate with the most popular votes is not necessarily…… voting or the meeting of the Electoral College to choose the presidential and vice presidential…Electoral College from the National Archives offers more information about how this feature…… debates around what to do with the Electoral College. Many call for its elimination as…… are also proposals to keep the Electoral College, but change how it functions:… number of electoral votes in the Electoral College are based on state population, but the…… nationwide, Gore lost in the Electoral College when he lost the state of Florida by 537…… prevailed with a majority in the Electoral College. It is one of six elections that historians…… election process and the role of the Electoral College. UNCOVER reviewed disputed elections…… Elections, the Popular Vote, and the Electoral CollegeThe Geography of States and the Electoral College… Presidential Elections and the Electoral CollegeThe Electoral College

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4.5. Voting and Citizen Participation in the Political Process

Learning Pathway: Elections 2024, 2022, & 2020

3.5. The Role of Political Parties