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How can I practice skills that will help with my visual learning design?

Believing that the best way to learn is to do and build in a scaffolded environment (Papert & Harel, 1991; Vygotsky, 1980), this section provides projects you can complete to improve your visual learning design skills. Projects will focus heavily on Adobe Illustrator but you also may be able to complete them using other software, such as Adobe XD, Sketch, inVision, Google Slides, or PowerPoint.

All projects will focus only on the visual aspects of design and not others that require coding, such as interaction or animation. This means that the final product for some projects will only be a visual mockup, such as screenshots of a mobile app rather than a fully-developed, working app.

Projects are also organized in a loosely hierarchical structure with the intent that skills learned in an earlier project can be helpful in later projects (e.g., you will be able to use icons from the icon library in your infographic).

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