Unit 2

Examples of Whole-class Activities

Illustrating the pedagogical possibilities of teaching in Adobe Connect
Creating a Mindful Learning Environment using Adobe ConnectCreating Community Agreements Collaboratively with Online Students: Reasons, Anti-Racist Considerations, and Logistics in Adobe ConnectThe Use of a Large Chat Pod to Encourage Chat Participation About Particular QuestionsUsing Large Slides and a Smaller Chat Pod to Focus Attention on Mini-Lecture ContentCreating Opportunities for Student Voice in Online Classes by Using Polls for FeedbackUsing Polls to Guide Class Check-in TimeUsing a Poll and a Second Chat Pod to Wrap Up the Class SessionAdobe Connect Status Icons: A Useful Feature to Increase Engagement Bringing All Students onto Webcam Together for Special Circumstances: Using a Large Video PodUsing PowerPoint Portrait-Oriented Slides to Maximize Content SharingGroup Presentations in Adobe Connect: Using an Extra Wide Video Pod and Dedicated Second Chat Pod for Q&ALive Drawing Using a Second WebcamUsing a Large Webcam Pod and Large Chat in a Panel View Layout: How to Create a Custom Virtual Stage for Successful Guest Speaker PresentationsDedicated Chat Pods for Simulated Client Role Play Video Exercise in an Online Skills-Based Lab“Good Point. I Agree.”: Challenging Students to Create “Thoughtful Contributions” in ClassA Moment of Action: Opening an Inclusive, Engaged, and Trauma-Informed ClassroomIn-Class Breaks: The Importance of Taking a Break During Online Classes and Considerations for Break ActivitiesCommunity-building in Adobe Connect: Using Layouts and Different Pods to Facilitate Games and Icebreaker Activities Building Online Class Community Through Photos and Storytelling“Student Spotlight” Activity: Cultivating an Empathetic Online CommunityUsing Emojis in Adobe Connect to Encourage Student Engagement AHA Moments: Connecting Online Course Content to Field EducationUsing Layouts to Facilitate Guided Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga in Adobe Connect ClassroomsMindfulness and the Engaged Online ClassroomChair Yoga in the Online Classroom Using PhotoVoice as a Teaching Tool in the Adobe Connect ClassroomUsing a Creative Award Presentation to Review Semester Content and Leave a Lasting ImpactCreating a Virtual Quilt: A Final Class Activity/Tool

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