Unit 3

Examples of Small-Group Breakout Activities and Debriefs

Enriching Classroom Discussions with Breakout RoomsEnhancing Student Engagement in the 10-Minute Breakout Activity: Pre-assigning Groups and RolesShowing Note Pods from Breakout Groups in one Layout to Debrief or Monitor Progress of a Breakout Conversation: Using a Birds Eye View SetupKWL Charts: How to Implement this Teaching Technique in the Adobe Connect Online Classroom Breakout Exercise for Collective Syllabus Annotation in Adobe ConnectConcept Mapping: Bringing Universal Design for Learning to the Adobe Connect ClassroomAn Example of Using the Whiteboard for Small Breakout Groups in Adobe Connect: “Draw Poverty”Scripted Role Play in Adobe Connect: Practicing Clinical Skills in an Online ClassroomDimensions of Self Care: Exploring Clinical Issues for Social Workers in an Online ClassroomThe Use of Polls to Facilitate Post-Role Play Exercise Debriefing Discussions in an Online Skills LabEnding a Course with Gratitude: A Unique and Memorable Activity Acknowledging Student Contributions to the Class Community

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