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  • Measurement and Evaluation

    Measurement and Evaluation:  What does success look like, and how can we measure it? What metrics will your agency use to track results?

    While testing or implementing the program, it is important to learn what’s working well and what isn’t. A data collection strategy is key here. A sound data collection system will let the people you serve, your partners, and the community, in general, know the outcomes of your work. 


    Planning needs should  be driven by exploration or reflection that covers the following questions: 

    1. What are the changes that you can reasonably expect the target population to experience as a result of receiving your services? 
    2. How will they be different or better off as a result? 
    3. Are the outcomes logically related to and likely to result from the core program activities you will be conducting? 
    4. Are your outcomes realistic and attainable given the level of intensity and duration of the program? 
    5. What skills, behavior, knowledge are you expecting people to gain after receiving services? 
    6. What other data do you need to collect to capture impact for continued sustainability? More about outcomes can be found here27. 

    “Consider scheduling weekly or biweekly calls with Digital Navigators to share success, challenges and to brainstorm solutions ” Karisa Tashjian at National Cristina Foundation

    Data Collection

    Planning needs should  be driven by exploration or reflection that covers the following questions: 

    1. How would you measure those outcomes? 
    2. While the number of calls answered per month is a relatively easy metric to capture, how would you capture skill or knowledge attainment? 
    3. How would you know if callers served by the Digital Navigators can secure connectivity or devices? 
    4. How would you collect this information? 
    5. What methods will you use? 

    A suggested intake form can be found here. Here is another sample intake form created by SEAMAAC in Philadelphia. 


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