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  • Digital Navigators: Connect to Opportunity

    Digital navigators are all the more needed now as recovery efforts must include supporting millions of Americans to access information and services online

    The Digital Navigator program is “an adaptation of traditional digital inclusion programming1.” Its goal is to ensure residents receive on-demand tech support and relevant information to secure internet access and devices, as well as the opportunity to build foundational digital skills, learning, and job training. This is done through providing much-needed just-in-time, one-to-one and small group dedicated support via phone service, email, text, video chat, and other communication methods that work for the learner-worker. Digital navigation can also be provided in-person or blended formats. The model is a solution to address both digital access as well as learning and upskilling, and at scale.

    With funding from Walmart, the EdTech Center @ World Education is working with some of its Digital US Coalition partners, including National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA), National Association of Workforce Boards, and others, to develop new models for offering “digital navigator” services to help learner-workers connect to the internet, secure equipment, acquire foundational digital skills, and access upskilling and job opportunities. The project is identifying key features and best practices to facilitate the adoption and successful replication of models across the country2


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