Toolkit Overview


Table of Contents

Digital Navigators: Connect to Opportunity

Why start a Digital Navigator Program?

Starting a Digital Navigator program

        Quick guide

Program Goal: What will this initiative accomplish? What challenges will it mitigate/address?

        What is the need in your community?

        What is the purpose of your program?

Program Description:  What activities will you be doing to achieve the desired program outcomes? How many people will be served?

        Who will you serve?

            → Demographic Characteristics

            → Degree of Reach

            → Assets: Participants strengths and capacities

            → Program eligibility and other requirements

            → How often and how frequently will services be offered?

            → What are your service hours?

        Learner-Worker centered approach

            → Language access services

            → Plain Language

        What are your program principles?

Measurement and Evaluation:  What does success look like, and how can we measure it? What metrics will your agency use to track results?


Implementation Plan: Are there training and startup requirements? Can you do this with current resources, or will you need additional resources?

        Internal Asset Mapping

            → Digital Learning Curriculum

        What do you need to provide services?

        Where do you plan to establish the Digital Navigator program?

        Do you plan to raise money to support the program?

        Who will provide services?

            → Digital Navigator Responsibilities:

            → Digital Navigator profile:

            → Digital Navigator Job Description

            → Digital Navigator skills and competencies and Training needs

            → Volunteer Recruitment

Building an ecosystem for Digital Resilience

        Join the Virtual Community of Practice

            → Guiding principles of this community of practice           



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