HW 3.6 Constructing a Student Profile

Gathering and Compiling Information about an EL


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Use assessment data to plan, adapt and implement instruction for English language learners according to their level of English language proficiency.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 4

Teachers can collect and evaluate information to differentiate instruction and assessment to meet the needs of ELs. 

Students can use their learning about Second Language Acquistion to guide them in gathering and evaluating information about an EL. 


1. Gather information about your student. (You can use the same student you used for Second Language Acquisition. You might want to revisit and update any information you have about the student to see if you have more information or if things have changed. Also, for the Literacy course, you will select two students to shape your curriculum making for. For that course you use a high peforming and a struggling student--so you may want to use this time to build a profile on this second student for your work in literacy.) 

2. Using the Definitions and Needs Worksheet and the Current Realities Worksheet, record the information. 

3. Analyze this data and record on this worksheet the implications of the data for your classroom teaching and include references to the charts from the TELL Tools Book:

    a. Inclusive Pedagogy 

    b. A Theory of Instruction for Teaching ELs 

    c. Standards for Effective Pedagogy

4. This part of the major project assignment will be shared in Session 4 and will be scored using this scoring guide. Attach the three worksheets and the scoring guide. Bring them to Session 4. 

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