HW 2.5 Analyzing WIDA as Assessment


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Articulate issues of assessment as they affect learners’ development of English language skills, their access to the Utah core curriculum, and their placement in appropriate programs.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 3

Teachers can examine the formal and informal assessments they use to determine their strength as an assessment.

Students have learned about WIDA and have considered the information it provides. Now they can examine the features of WIDA as an assessment tool.


1. Review the Assessment Literacy Tool and read the explanation of it.

2.Watch the video that explains the assessment literacy tool that is found at this link (https://equitypress.org/-wAi) use the Assessment Literacy Active Viewing Guide  to record your thinking as you watch the video.

3.Then review WIDA as an assessment using the Analyzing WIDA as an assessment Tool worksheet.

4.Turn in the worksheet at the beginning of Session 3. 

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