LA 6.5 Final Project Review


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Acknowledge and follow local, state and federal laws and policies as they pertain to ELLs and their assessment.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 5 Minutes

Teachers can plan assessments in their units of instruction to accommodate EL learners' needs and get valuable information about students’ learning.

Students are learning about English language assessment practices. They will work on their final project to design a unit that includes new insights about assessing students that have changed their practice.


  1. Review the Final Project Guidelines 
  2. There are directions for scoring and two rubrics: one for the Analysis of My Learning based on the Time Capsule and one for the Unit Plan.
  3. Ask your teacher for your Time Capsule assignment. You will use the worksheet that helps you analyze your growth and the one you will use to report your learning and response based on the Inclusive Pedagogy Framework
  4. As you reflect on your learning and work on your unit plan, you may want to consider the Assessment Literacy Tool
  5. You will teach others about your unit plan based on part B and C of the final project guidelines. In the report on your plan you will teach others about your unit assessment plan and your reasoning and decision making about the project and then you will identify and explain adjustments you would make to the assessment plan to accomodate the EL student you created a profile on. 
  6. Note any questions you have about the parts of the project and your creation of a narrative to teach others about your learning and your plan to ask your facilitator and your group.
  7. You will receive individual feedback on either or both elements of this project at the teacher center in LA 7.2.
  8. There will be time in Session 7 to work on the final draft and completing this draft of your final project is homework for Session 7.

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