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    Zenith EDZEAMEH

    BYU-I, UCC, Adhoc Solutions, DTI-Ghana

    Edzeameh George Zenith Jnr is a multifaceted individual who has left an indelible mark in the fields of education, technology, and community service. With a strong academic foundation as a student at BYUI-online and a continuing student at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, he has consistently shown a commitment to personal growth and educational excellence. His role as a Curriculum Development Assistant for TVET and the Design and Technology Institute in Accra, Ghana, showcases his dedication to enhancing the quality of vocational education. Notably, his cross-country curriculum development research efforts across Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria emphasize his regional impact and commitment to harmonizing educational standards. Beyond academia, Edzeameh George Zenith Jnr's entrepreneurial prowess shines as the Startup Manager of Adhoc Solutions, a forward-thinking company specializing in web and online solutions for SMEs and MMEs. His ability to leverage technology for business growth underscores his innovative approach to entrepreneurship. Additionally, his affiliation with professional associations like CIES, AWS, and Communication Arts highlights his ongoing pursuit of industry knowledge and networking opportunities. Edzeameh George Zenith Jnr's altruistic nature is evident through his engagement in voluntary services since 2017 and two years of dedicated humanitarian work. His involvement extends beyond professional spheres, reflecting a genuine concern for community welfare. With over five years of experience in curriculum review, his expertise is solidified, making him a respected figure in education and curriculum development. Edzeameh George Zenith Jnr's journey is one of continuous growth, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to positive change in education, technology, and the community at large.
    Tiffany Ivins Spence

    Community Development Network (CDN)

    International development educator & consultant with 23 years experience in Asia, Africa & Latin America; program director particularly interested in education, health, microfranchising, open educational resources (OER) and localized ICT tools for bottom-of-the-pyramid markets; facilitator focused on building capacity of NGOs for social entrepreneurism, participatory learning and action-focused community change; also offering 15 years experience building interdisciplinary programs for integrated community development focused on improving education, health, and environment through microenterprise.

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