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    Overview of EdTech management Course

    Preparing for Employment

    Throughout our lives, there is a need for us to work as individuals and families to provide the necessities for survival. To help the youth of our day meet current employers' expectations, the management of Community Development Network has provided EdTech computer management as a bridge course for individuals to attain basic computer skills for employment considerations.

    For the youth who desire suitable employment, there is a need to understand the current trends of technology developments. They also have to understand the needs of the employers for our current Generation X through to generation Alpha.

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    The EdTech (Educational Technology) management course aims to provide teachable and practical skills needed for self-improvement. Consider, "What does the employer look for?" and "What skills make you employable?"

    Our training will be facilitated by young adults who are currently self-employed and employed based on the principles taught in the course.

    In our studies, we will be building three main bridges, Content, Training, and Technology, that link idealization, employment, and creation opportunities.

    In content, we will discuss and discover the knowledge we need to understand our strengths and capacities. Through the offline learning materials on the RACHEL, we will look for what makes us unique, what makes us the choice employee, and build competence in our skills.

    In training, we learn the best practices from the Content Bridge and identify the core principles and practices.  We then teach these best practices to our fellow young adults through outreach in Gathering Places and community volunteering services. There is a common saying; "In teaching, you will learn..." The goal is to SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE AND GIFT WE HAVE GAINED in learning. This section will require that participants take responsibility and help another person. We will be lifting each other together!

    We will learn about trending computer skills at the technology level, such as typing, system administration, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), basic computer programming, and other IT developments. The current employer, according to LinkedIn, is looking for someone who is computer literate and can demonstrate it innovatively in his working environment. For example, the security guard of our day needs to know how to operate CCTV control or operate automatic gates through a PC or smartphone. These skills give the ordinary guard an employment advantage. Restaurants and fast-food joints are using computers to request and process orders made. The ordinary waiter will be promoted as he understands and can operate computers and related software.

    This is the foundation bridge our employers are looking for. Let us build our minds and skills to be confident.

    According to the reading, which of the following is not an employable skill?

    1. Typing Skills
    2. Project Manager
    3. Multilingual
    4. Innovative thinking

    A project manager is not a skill but a position.

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