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Education Research

Across Multiple Paradigms


Written for introductory education research courses, this book gives students a broad view of the process, history, paradigms, and methods of education research so that they can become critical consumers of others' research, communicate in a variety of research languages, and navigate dominant research paradigms throughout their careers.

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DOI: 10.59668/133

URL: https://edtechbooks.org/education_research

(2022). Education Research (1st ed.). EdTech Books. https://dx.doi.org/10.59668/133
Jennie Winters

McKendree University

I teach research courses for Ed.D. students. This book was a helpful source for my students who are exploring educational theories and their roles in research design. My students and I liked the interactive element, in that students could reflect on content through the embedded questions while reading the chapter. The questions helped them to recognize key ideas and provided some fuel for class discussion.
Royce Kimmons

Brigham Young University

Royce Kimmons is an Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University where he seeks to end the effects of socioeconomic divides on educational opportunities through open education and transformative technology use. He is the founder of EdTechBooks.org, open.byu.edu, and many other sites focused on providing free, high-quality learning resources to all. More information about his work may be found at http://roycekimmons.com, and you may also dialogue with him on Twitter @roycekimmons.
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