Series Introduction

This book is part of a series of books, each republishing selected articles from Educational Technology Magazine. This publication began in 1961 as an independent magazine discussing a wide variety of issues related to technology in education and training. In doing so, the magazine frequently discussed idea technologies, as well as digital ones. In this way, it became one of the leading venues for theoretical and practical discussions about instructional design, educational psychology and the learning sciences, online and distance learning, and technology integration. Its editor, Lawrence Lipsitz, passed away in 2016, but previously had granted me permission to republish articles from the magazine in an open access book, by noting they were used by permission from the magazine. This permission was then renewed with Howard Lipsitz who controlled the copyright of the magazine after Larry’s passing. Their hope is that the quality work from this magazine receive new life and value for the field.

To create each book, we first developed search strategies to identify potential articles within the corpus of the magazine that fit the topic at hand. We then reviewed these potential articles to determine fit to the book’s topic and objective. These books may be useful as supplementary or primary readings for a graduate-level special topics course, or as personal enrichment. While they may be dated, as the magazine is no longer publishing and the field marches on, they will serve as launching pads for serious inquiry into these topics.

If you have questions about contributing an edited book to this book series, or have other questions about the books in this series, please contact me at rickwest – at – byu – dot – edu.

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